At Gracenote, your trust is our most valued asset! You need to be able to use Gracenote products and services with the knowledge that we will protect your privacy. This part of our website is to answer any questions you may have about the Gracenote Music Recognition Service, Gracenote website, weblog and all related pages (collectively referred to as the “Site”), and how we handle the information you provide to us.

At Gracenote we strive to live by the motto, "Say what you do, do what you say." This means that we follow some basic principles:

Always disclose what information we collect and what we do with it. Always ask permission whenever this concerns personal information.

Because the details vary depending on the capabilities of our Site and Music Recognition Service, we provide detailed privacy statements for the Gracenote Site and Gracenote Service.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the terms of the Gracenote privacy policies, please email us at

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