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Connected Music Solutions

Music Recognition for Radio in the Car

Drivers now have a dizzying array of music options to choose from. Gracenote MusicID® Radio brings order to the chaos by identifying music playing from every possible music source and delivering consistent metadata and Cover Art to the driver’s dashboard.

MusicID Radio Features

Automatic Identification

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology built into the car’s audio system continuously identifies music playing from AM/FM, CDs, satellite radio and streaming services.

Music Data

After identifying a song on AM, FM, or DAB, Gracenote delivers the relevant artist, album and track name to the dashboard, allowing drivers to recognize the music they are grooving to.

Radio Station ID & Imagery

Gracenote has built a database of album covers and artist images plus call letters and logos for terrestrial and digital radio stations. Combined with Gracenote data, these visuals create a common user interface for all music.

Gracenote creates one music interface to rule them all.

Introducing Radio Station ID

Driving One Interface for Every Musical Source

Music Metadata

Presents correct albums, artist and track names for all music sources, from AM/FM and CDs to Streaming and Satellite.

Cover Art

Album Cover Art and Artist Images provide quick recall for drivers, simplifying how they navigate radio and music collections.

Station Info

Identifies radio stations and delivers logos and call letters, making it easier for drivers to recognize stations as they browse the dial.

FM Radio Meets the Cloud

Gracenote MusicID Radio brings together traditional FM radio with popular streaming music experiences, allowing drivers to launch playlists on Deezer and Rhapsody from songs they are grooving to on FM radio.

An increasing number of cars with wireless connectivity will have access to sports data.


Sports Updates on the Road

Gracenote is bringing live Sports data to the connected car, letting drivers track their favorite players, teams and leagues on their touchscreen, heads-up display or through live audio alerts.

Live Scores and Imagery

Scores and highlights can be delivered to the touchscreen, heads-up display or via live audio streams. Automakers can also integrate team logos into their user interfaces.

Follow Your Favorite Teams

Most sports fanatics can’t get enough of their favorite teams. The data-driven products and services provided by Gracenote enable automakers to create live sports alerts for drivers.

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