Smart recommendations and playlists help drivers discover more of the music they love.

Drivers can discover new songs on the radio and in the Cloud, and rediscover songs buried in their own collection.

Play More Like This™

Playlisting is becoming more important as music collections get bigger and bigger. Gracenote “More Like This” creates killer playlists by tapping into the current song playing, and finding similar songs based on Genre, Era, Origin, Artist Type, in addition to Mood and Tempo.

Featured in Chrysler and GM vehicles, and vehicles from all other major automakers.

What's Your Mood?

Music is a powerful medium. It can help shape the mood of a drive to the office or a long road trip. Gracenote MoodGrid™ organizes songs by their mood characteristics, mapping them from “calm” to “energetic” and “dark” to “positive.” Drivers can create great playlists to match every mood – upbeat, somber and everything in between.

Gracenote MoodGrid is a new feature for automakers beginning in model year 2014. The technology is currently featured in the HABU Music App for iOS and Android.

Nuance VoCon Music Premium™

Gracenote and Nuance, the leader in voice and natural language understanding, have teamed to create the ultimate voice solution for music in the car. Nuance VoCon Music Premium taps into Gracenote’s music expertise to allow drivers to simply speak the name of almost any artist, song, or album, and instantly get results – even for the most difficult artist names for systems to recognize, such as Ke$ha, AC/DC and 311.

Nuance VoCon Music Premium is a new product for automakers and suppliers available in 2013.