Gracenote data and algorithms help drivers discover more of the music they love.

Drivers can discover new songs on the radio and in the Cloud, and rediscover songs buried in their own collection.

Bridging the FM and Streaming Experiences

Gracenote is bringing together traditional FM radio with popular streaming music experiences. Gracenote Rhythm Connect™ can tap into a driver’s unique musical tastes and listening habits to launch streaming playlists and recommend FM radio stations.

For example, if a driver is listening to the Foo Fighters on San Francisco’s Live 105 FM, and they want to hear more from the band, they can use Gracenote Rhythm Connect to identify the Foo Fighters’ track and launch a Foo Fighters’ playlist in a popular streaming service. Additionally, Gracenote Rhythm Connect can use the driver’s love for rock and hip-hop to help automatically set genre-specific radio station presets as they move between cities and regions.

Music for Any Mood

Music is a powerful medium. It can help shape the mood of a drive to the office or a long road trip. Gracenote organizes millions of songs by their mood characteristics, mapping them to more than 100 moods, such as “Rowdy,” “Urgent,” Energizing” and “Sensual.” By assigning moods to songs, Gracenote provides automakers the ability to create smart, simple user interfaces, where driver and passengers can create Mood-based playlists across genres.

For example, if a driver is getting pumped up for a big meeting or job interview, they can select an “Empowering” and “Rowdy” moods in the Hip Hop genre. The resulting playlists would feature tracks from Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and others.

Play More Like This™

Playlisting is becoming more important as music collections get bigger and bigger. Gracenote “More Like This” creates killer playlists by tapping into the current song playing, and finding similar songs based on Genre, Era, Origin, Artist Type, in addition to Mood and Tempo.

Featured in Chrysler and GM vehicles, and vehicles from all other major automakers.