Music discovery can happen anywhere – even the open road.

Gracenote song and album IDs let drivers identify and connect to their favorite music services.

Connect to Popular Music Services

Everyone has experienced this scenario: Hearing a song on AM/FM radio and wanting to add it to a favorite music service. Most forget about the song when the drive is done. However, Gracenote Entourage Radio and Rhythm Connect lets automakers integrate music recognition and linking directly into the car’s audio system.

Gracenote makes it easy for drivers to identify songs playing from any broadcast radio source. They can then link to and purchase what’s been identified from iTunes or Amazon, or add it to a streaming playlist from popular Cloud music services.

Music Links and IDs

The Gracenote Music Database features unique IDs for millions of albums and tracks from around the globe, as well as direct links into the world’s most popular music services. Together, these IDs and links provide automakers a means to connect drivers from songs identified on the radio to artists, albums, playlists and Internet Radio stations from popular streaming services.