Gracenote recognition technology is the foundation for everything music related in the car.

Gracenote technology, Cover Art and Music metadata provide safer and easier ways to navigate music collections.

Driving the Music Experience

Gracenote MusicID® and Playlist Plus™ are the industry standard for music recognition. They let drivers identify music on their smart phone, CDs and even broadcast radio stations, delivering metadata, Cover Art and Artist Images, as well as phonetic data for voice commands. All of this information makes it easier for driver and passengers to navigate their music collections.

Featured in Ford and Toyota vehicles, and vehicles from all other major automakers.

Music Information Cleanup

Many music collections often have wrong or inconsistent spellings for artist and track names, making it hard to find and access songs while driving. Gracenote-powered systems cleanup and organize how a driver’s music collection is displayed on the entertainment system’s screen for easier navigation.

Featured in Ford, GM, Toyota and Chrysler vehicles, and vehicles from all other major automakers.

Collaborative Artist Support

Artist collaborations are great. But, they wreak havoc on entertainment systems trying to categorize songs. Gracenote recognition technology correctly identifies artists and collaborators to make sure they are properly organized for on-screen display and playback. This means drivers don’t have to scroll through multiple Eminem listings just because a collaborator is featured on an Eminem track.

Collaborative Artist Support is a new Gracenote feature for automakers beginning in model year 2014.

Cover Art & Artist Images

Album Covers are familiar and even iconic. Gracenote licensed Cover Art, Artist and Genre Images are a must have for the music experience in the car. They provide drivers quick recall of artist and album names and genres.

In addition to having partnerships with the major record labels and independents, Gracenote works with leading content providers, such as Getty Images, to provide professional Artist Images when Cover Art is not available.

Gracenote powers Cover Art and Imagery in millions of vehicles from every major automaker.