Powering Ford SYNC

The Ford Motor Company revolutionized in-car technology with the introduction of Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch. The Ford team turned to Gracenote to improve how drivers access and manage their music through voice commands, music metadata and Album Cover Art.

Play “Diddy”

What’s in a Name? Music fans would say a lot, especially if their favorite artists have more than one and they’ve had trouble finding them in their digital music library. From Bowie to Old Blue Eyes, Diddy to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, artist names have been known to cause problems with voice recognition systems.

Gracenote enhanced voice recognition, featured in Ford Sync and MyFord Touch, lets drivers access bands and artists with alternative names, as well as names from different parts of the world and irregular spellings. Whether its “G.N.R.” for Guns N’Roses, “Snoop” for Snoop Dog, or hard-to-pronounce names, like Sade, Depeche Mode or Mötley Crüe, Gracenote enables Ford Sync to recognize monikers for artists from every genre and era.

Cover Art and Music Data Cleanup

Gracenote also solves the common problem of missing or incomplete music metadata and missing Album Cover Art. When a driver’s smart phone is connected to the Ford Sync system, Gracenote identifies and presents the correct album and artist names and Cover Art—making it easier for drivers to navigate music collections.