Gracenote Powers 
Loewe iPad App

Europe’s premium television manufacturer, Loewe, recently introduced an iPad App that allows TV viewers to interact with their channel guide without ever touching the remote. The new Loewe Assist Media App is powered by Gracenote eyeQ, an advanced Interactive Program Guide (IPG) featuring local and national TV listings.

What’s on TV tonight?

What’s on TV tonight? What about tomorrow? No need to pick up the remote control. By simply launching the Loewe Media Assist App on their iPad, TV viewers can browse channels and select programs to record without interrupting the main TV screen.

Through a WiFi connection in their home, Loewe TV owners can sync their iPad with the television, allowing them to interact with TV listings and schedules using Gracenote eyeQ. An intuitive user interface designed by Loewe then provides a simple way to filter programs, making it easy to find a favorite movie or TV show from hundreds of choices. It’s that simple.