Nuance VoCon Music Premium

At Gracenote, we live and breathe music and metadata. And, Nuance is the undisputed leader in voice and natural language understanding. It made perfect sense for the two companies to get together to create the ultimate voice solution for music in the car.

Dancing While Driving

Nuance VoCon Music Premium is providing the foundation for next generation voice-controlled entertainment systems for carmakers. The technology features phonetic data describing millions of artist and tracks, as well as thousands of artist nicknames and aliases.

The combined Nuance and Gracenote solution allows drivers to simply say the name of almost any artist, song, or album, and instantly get results – even for the most difficult artist names for systems to recognize, such as Ke$ha, AC/DC and 311.

The result? Drivers can keep their eyes on the road while accessing their favorite artists and tracks from music collections, big and small.