Share Your Music with Path

With the launch of Path 2.0, users can now share more of the music they love with only close friends and family through a partnership with Gracenote.

What is Path?

Path is a different kind of social media experience. Path’s founders like to call it a smart journal for chronicling your life, rather than a platform to communicate to the world. It’s for your close friends and family, people who you trust to share special tidbits about your day. Things you might not want to broadcast to everyone in your larger social networks, like the time you wake up and go to bed, photos of your kids, jogging routes in Golden Gate Park or even your music.

Take Pride in Your Playlist

Let’s face it, we all listen to music that we don’t necessarily want to share with everyone in our social networks. Letting co-workers or acquaintances know you are jamming to Justin Bieber again and again might not help your street cred.

Thanks to Path, you can now keep those musical guilty pleasures to a small group of friends and family. Path recently partnered with Gracenote to integrate MusicID technology into the new version of the App. This lets you identify songs by simply holding your phone to music playing from your laptop, TV or other source. After the music is recognized in seconds, Path lets you share the artist and song name, Cover Art and even snippets of the song with your close connections on Path. Go ahead…be proud of your playlist.

Start your Path today. Download the App for iPhone and Android.