Gracenote Puts the Smart in Philips TVs

Gracenote and Philips are transforming TVs into smart media hubs, where viewers can easily find and access movies and TV programs across broadcast and on-demand sources, as well as receive program recommendations.

A Smarter Way to Watch TV

With more and more broadcast TV channels and on-demand movie services being added to Smart TVs, many consumers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. How can they quickly and easily navigate all of their broadcast and on-demand services to find something worth watching?

By adding Gracenote eyeQ into its Smart TV line-up, Philips is providing viewers up to 21 days of TV listings from local, national and network broadcasters— the most comprehensive IPG / EPG data across Europe.

Gracenote and Philips have also created a “home screen” where viewers can easily find and access content from both broadcast and on-demand/streaming sources. Gracenote intelligently organizes TV listings and data for movies and videos from Philips Net TV streaming and on-demand services. This allows viewers to have a single location or “hub” to find new programs to watch, whether it is on broadcast TV or on-demand.