Your Music Gets Social

Whether you are listening to songs from iTunes or enjoying the blues at The Boom Boom Room, SoundTracking and Gracenote allow you to share your musical moments across social media networks.

Share the Soundtrack of Your Life

Music provides a soundtrack for our daily lives. With the new SoundTracking app from Schematic Labs you can share your personal soundtrack with friends.

How does it work? If you are listening to some cool tunes at a concert or cafe you can simply launch the Soundtracking App on your iPhone or Android device and push the “MusicID” button. Within seconds, SoundTracking will identify the song, artist and album using Gracenote’s MusicID technology. Push the “Share” button, and all of your Facebook friends instantly become part of your music experience. They will see the artist and song name, as well as Album Cover Art from Gracenote.

iTunes Integration

One of the unique features of SoundTracking is its seamless integration with iTunes and other music services. Once you identify a song using “MusicID” or select one from your iPhone’s music collection, you can share a snippet with friends through Facebook. If your friends dig your jams, they can easily link to iTunes to purchase the song or album.