Storytelling with the Second Screen

Smart phones, tablets and laptops now dominate the landscape in our living rooms. And TV viewers are multi-tasking with them more than ever before, browsing social networks, shopping online and looking for more details about the shows they are watching.

Gracenote and Syfy are tapping into the potential of the second screen, providing TV viewers a way to sync their iPad with TV programming to unlock interactive content and dive deeper into storylines.

Exploring the World of Defiance

Syfy has picked Gracenote Entourage™ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform to power its Syfy Sync iOS App, allowing fans of the groundbreaking show Defiance to sync their iPad with specific segments of the show to unlock interactive content.

Gracenote uses the built-in microphone in tablets and smart phones to identify a TV show by “listening” to a few seconds of the program dialogue and soundtrack. For fans of this season’s Defiance on Syfy, the Gracenote technology lets them sync their iPads with the TV program and unlock bonus content, notes from the set, viewer polls and plotlines at key points throughout the broadcast.

“The ability to create an experience that spans the main TV and second screen device offers Syfy a powerful platform to interact with Defiance fans in real time,” said Brian Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Gracenote. “Syfy understands the potential of the second screen, and are actively exploring ways to create experiences that offer real value to fans of its broadcast and cable programs.”

Viewers can tune-in and sync up with Syfy’s Defiance on Monday’s at 9pm/8pm Central. Download Syfy Sync today: