Toshiba Music Search – Powered by Gracenote

Gracenote has teamed with Toshiba to provide music recognition for its new line of Smart TVs in Japan and India. Toshiba Music Search allows viewers throughout Asia to identify more of the songs they love, as well as discover new favorites with a few clicks of their TV remote.

Name that Tune

Ever heard a great song during a movie or TV show, but didn’t know the name of the artist or band?

With Toshiba Music Search, gone are the days of reaching for your laptop to identify the music. The Gracenote powered feature gives viewers the ability to immediately identify music tracks and artists playing in TV programs, commercials, streaming videos, USB audio/video files and Blu-ray discs.

After a song is identified, Toshiba Music Search delivers song and artist details from the Gracenote Database – making music discovery fun and engaging.