Gracenote Powers WiMP iPhone and iPad Apps

Music recognition should be a standard feature in every great music App, right? WiMP was one of the world’s first streaming music services to add Gracenote music recognition into its mobile Apps, allowing WiMP subscribers in Europe to identify and add songs to their playlists—whenever the moment strikes.

Hold Your Phone to the Music

Gracenote has analyzed and created metadata describing almost every album and song on the planet. This data is combined with Gracenote MusicID® technology that enables the WiMP App to identify songs by simply “listening” to a few seconds of the track and matching it to its unique audio fingerprint in the Gracenote database.

With the addition of Gracenote music recognition, the WiMP App lets subscribers identify a song by holding their phone wherever music is playing—in a café, the radio or in the background. From there, they can start a WiMP playlist or share music experiences with friends on Twitter and Facebook.