CDDB, World's Largest Online CD Music Database, Debuts New Web Site

BERKELEY, CA (April 27, 1999) -- A newly designed, more user friendly Web site for CDDB is now online, it was announced today by Ann E. Greenberg, CDDB Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development. CDDB, grassroots Internet darling, provides free information on more than 360,000 CDs, making it the world's largest online CD music database. User built and supported, is visited millions of times monthly by consumers who flock to the site to find information on rare and hard to find CDs as well as their favorite standbys.

"The new web site reflects the advanced level of technology that goes into the site and the dynamics of the CDDB database," said Greenberg. "We've greatly enhanced our commercial appeal to advertisers while remaining loyal to music fans. Access to the CDDB service remains 100% free to software developers and consumers."

In addition to the CDDB web site, CDDB provides a totally unique Disc Recognition Service (DRS) that identifies audio CDs in the consumer's CD-ROM drive, automatically providing related artist, album and song information to music player applications. Consumers can download the largest selection of CDDB enabled music players from Prior to CDDB, when a user played an audio CD in their computer they had to manually input all album information themselves in order to properly identify and catalog their CDs. CDDB's DRS supports millions of consumers who look up information at the rate of over 6 million albums per month.

"CDDB is the deepest catalog of audio CD information on the Internet and our unique Disc Recognition Service is enjoyed by millions of users around the world," said Jim Kinney, General Manager. "We are working hard to continue to be the world's best resource for audio CD information and to provide an excellent resource to music fans, which is fun, easy to use and provides great value."

CDDB is recognized as the #1 source of music CD information on the Internet and the Company's Disc Recognition Service is widely regarded as the best service of its kind in the world. CDDB, Inc. is an Internet enterprise of Escient, Inc. (, a recognized pioneer and leader in developing convergence technologies that combine consumer electronics, computing power, and the Internet in powerful yet simple ways.