Gracenote News

Now provides MP3 recognition alongside its CD recognition technology enabling licensees to deploy Web's first 'music browser'

BERKELEY, CA (July 24, 2000) -- CDDB® (, the premier compact disc recognition service with over 18 million unique visitors per month, announces that it has changed its name to Gracenote. Additionally, it introduced to its licensees (including RealNetworks, Yahoo! and more than 720 others), the ability to recognize MP3s as well as CDs and provide them with a 'music browser,' allowing listeners the ability to receive artist-specific content that appears on screen while they listen to music.

The Gracenote Music Browser, which can be private-labeled by its licensees, launches from a button within the end user's online CD player, MP3 player or MP3 encoder, and provides users with a content-rich experience about the artist, CD, or MP3 file they are currently listening to. The music browser includes biographies, tour information, fan site links, and content from Web sites like and In addition, the service supports the Unicode international language encoding, allowing the service to deliver Kanji content to an end-user in Japan, and ASCII text to a fan in the U.S. This ad-supported 'music browser', which will link to ticket and CD sellers as well as music merchandisers, creates significant, untapped revenue streams for both Gracenote and its licensees.

Stated David Hyman, President of Gracenote, "There is no better time to receive information about an artist than when you're listening to them. We're truly taking CD and MP3 playback to a new level." Regarding the name change Hyman states, "Gracenote is a musical term referring to the beautification of music. I think it's quite fitting." Gracenote's ability to provide related content to MP3 or CD playback has the potential to fundamentally change the listening experience through the personal computer.

The new Gracenote Music Browser will be on display at Plug In 2000, which opens in New York on July 24, 2000.


Gracenote, formerly, CDDB, has been the industry standard for compact disc recognition used by the vast majority of media players including those from Yahoo! (YHOO), RealNetworks (RNWK), MusicMatch, Sony (SNE), Adaptec (ADPT), and hundreds of other developers supplying over 18 million users a month with instant artist and track information. Gracenote is privately owned and headquartered in Berkeley, California.