What's Your Mood?

Music is a powerful medium. It can help shape the flow of your workday or daily commute. Unfortunately, trying to find the right music to fit your mood is no simple task. HABU is an App for iOS and Android that does just this, taking the heavy lifting out of creating killer Mood-based playlists.

Mapping Your Musical Moods

HABU features Gracenote MoodGrid™, a technology that organizes songs by 25 grouped moods and 100 granular mood characteristics. As HABU analyzes a user’s music library, colorful circles grow and shrink on-screen to represent songs that fit a particular mood.

With one touch, HABU let’s users instantly play music that fits their mood. Need to get pumped up for the gym? Just tap “Euphoric/Energy” to play music to get the blood pumping. Just got dumped by a significant other? Tap on “Strong/Stable” or “Party/Fun” to move on.

By mapping a user’s music collection by mood, HABU urges users to ask themselves: “What does my music say about me?” It also helps music fans rediscover artists and tracks buried in their collections.

Download HABU today for iOS and Android.

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