エンターテインメントテクノロジー分野で長年の経験と知見を携えた経営陣が、 イノベーションの活性化、ビジネスの推進強化、理想的なワークカルチャー構築のために社員と一体となり経営にあたります。

Karthik Rao

Karthik Rao


Karthik is the President of Gracenote responsible for leading the company’s Music, Video, Sports, Automotive and Technology businesses.

In his 16-year tenure at Nielsen, Karthik has held a variety of leadership roles spanning the U.S., Middle East and Asia for Nielsen’s Buy and Watch businesses. Most recently, he served President, Expanded Verticals, and led the teams serving advertiser and agency clients. Prior to that role, Karthik was Executive Vice President of Digital Enablement where he oversaw a global transformation program. He previously led Nielsen’s Media Analytics business, which delivers deep analytical insights that help media companies with their ad sales and programming activities.

As head of Nielsen China, Karthik oversaw the company’s initiatives towards China becoming one of the company’s fastest growing markets for Nielsen. Karthik began his career as an account executive at Ogilvy & Mather in India.

Karthik has a passion for talent development and serves as Nielsen’s co-Executive Sponsor for the Asian Americans Link (AAL) internal employee resource group. He holds a degree in Economics from Loyola University in Chennai and an MBA from Illinois State University.

amilcar perez

Amilcar Perez

Chief Revenue Officer

Amilcar is Chief Revenue Officer of Gracenote responsible for collaborating with the company’s sales, marketing and product organizations to drive revenue and strategic sales opportunities across all business verticals and maximize value for Gracenote’s global customer base.

Prior to joining the Gracenote team, Amilcar held several leadership positions at Nielsen.  Most recently, he was Global Managing Director of Nielsen Tech/Telecom and Senior Vice President of Nielsen’s Global Telecom Product Leadership responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Telecom vertical and developing of products and solutions for telco, mobile and media companies.

Amilcar also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Client and Retailer Relationships in Latin America for Nielsen’s Buy business.  Amilcar received recognition for his exemplary leadership abilities with the Nielsen Chairman Leadership award in 2009 and 2017.

Amilcar earned a Postgraduate degree in Telecom Business from the Universidad de San Andres, an MBA from Escuela Superior de Economia y Administracion de Empresas (ESEADE) and a Bachelor degree from University of Buenos Aires.

atul phadnis

Atul Phadnis


Chief Content Officer

Chief Content Officerとして、ビデオ・音楽・スポーツ全部門のコンテンツ編集を担当するグローバル組織を統括し、グローバルコンテンツ戦略の策定、既存のコンテンツデータ提供の拡大などを担当します。

前職ではインド及び中東最大の映像データ提供社What’s-ONの創業者兼CEOを務め、2014年にGracenoteがWhat’s-ONを買収したことにより現職。What’s-ONでは、Sequoia CapitalやIntel Capitalからの資金調達を成功させEPGデータとTV番組検索の分野でマーケットリーダーの地位を確立しました。

What’s-ON創業以前は、視聴率定量化のために設立されたニールセン・インディアとKantar Media ResearchのジョイントベンチャーTelevision Audience Measurement Research (TAM) で副社長を務めました。

Until recently, Atul actively served on the TV Ratings Technical Committee for the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) in India.

steve scherf

Kay Johansson

Chief Technology Officer

Kay is Chief Technology Officer of Gracenote responsible for setting the strategic priorities of the company’s technology and engineering organizations which support its Music, Video, Sports, Personalization and Auto verticals around the world.

Prior to joining Gracenote, Kay served as Chief Architect for TiVo, formerly Rovi Corporation. There, he oversaw definition and deployment of the company’s cloud services product and platform.

Earlier in his career, Kay was Chief Technology Officer of MobiTV where he lead all technology and product strategy efforts and successfully scaled the online video platform’s capabilities to serve 25 million subscribers.

Kay is named on more than 25 published and pending patents relating to streaming and bandwidth adaptation techniques and media delivery solutions.

steve scherf

Steve Scherf


CTO 共同創業者 兼 最高技術責任者

共同創業者 兼 最高技術責任者として、Gracenoteのエンジニアチームを統括しスケーラブルなプラットフォームの開発や業界最先端の技術開発を牽引しています。

1995年、PC上でCD再生時に曲情報を表示するCD認識技術CDDBを共同開発。CDDBはクラウドサービス初期の代表的なサービスの一つとなり、世界で多数のユーザーが利用する音楽情報データベースとして人気を獲得。CDDBはGracenoteの主要サービスとしてApple iTunesや初代iPodの普及に貢献しました。

Gracenote創業以前は、シリコンバレーの数社で開発チームを統括し、フォールトトレランス(耐障害性)、オペレーティングシステム技術開発を行っていました。Stratus Computer社では、ディスク I/O サブシステムの設計と開発に携わりました。

カリフォルニア大学サンタクルーズ校で数学と生物学の学士号を取得。World Technology Networkフェロー。

brian hamilton

Brian Hamilton







simon adams

Simon Adams

General Manager, Video and Sports

Simon is General Manager of Gracenote Video and Sports where he is responsible for delivering next generation entertainment solutions for the world’s leading pay-TV and OTT providers, CE and media companies, and sports organizations.

Simon has more than 20 years of digital media experience across licensing, product, marketing and sales. Prior to Gracenote, Simon held a number of leadership positions at Rovi Corp. including Senior Vice President of Worldwide Licensing and Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales.

Earlier in his career, Simon worked in general management, product and marketing roles for U.K. based subsidiaries of Thomson and Philips and Celestion. He also co-founded a mobile and fixed line communications start-up, Pathfinder Telecom.

Simon graduated with Honors from the City University, London with a BS degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He also served on the Board of Directors for a joint venture between Rovi and Dentsu, the third largest advertising agency in the world based in Japan.

jason bolles

Jason Bolles

Managing Director, Video Personalization

Jason is Managing Director of Video Personalization for Gracenote responsible for setting the product vision and inspiring new products that leverage the company’s core media recognition and personalization technologies.

Previously, Jason was Vice President of Product Leadership for Nielsen. In this role, he was responsible for defining product strategies and roadmaps around content identification for Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement, developing global partnerships, assessing acquisitions, and executing beta programs of early-stage Nielsen products and services.

Earlier in his career, Jason worked in Strategy and Corporate Development at Nielsen Audio where he led M&A activities, evaluated growth potential of new markets and supported the development of corporate strategic objectives.

Jason earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Gettysburg College.

debbie morisie

Debbie Morisie

Vice President, Global Human Resource Leader

Debbie leads Gracenote’s Global Human Resources efforts. In this role, she is responsible for spearheading Gracenote’s integration with Nielsen, and the implementation of global initiatives that support the company’s core values and culture, drive personal connections and celebrate its people.

Most recently, Debbie was Vice President of Human Resources at Nielsen where she led HR initiatives for the company’s Business Process Improvement and Global Integration and Excellence teams.

Previously, she was Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Scarborough Research, a market research company specializing in shopping patterns, media usage and lifestyle trends. After Scarborough and Arbitron were acquired by Nielsen 2013, Debbie took on the role of integration for the HR function.

She also serves on the board of the Emma Bowen Foundation and is an active member of the Nielsen Cares Global Council and Nielsen Sustainability Council.

ashwath bhat

Ashwath Bhat

Senior Vice President, Finance

Ashwath oversees all finance and accounting functions across the company’s five business verticals and manages its globally distributed teams.

Prior to joining Gracenote, Ashwath served as Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis in Global Finance for Nielsen. In this role, he was responsible for managing quarterly forecasting, setting operating plans for business units and external reporting.

Earlier, Ashwath served as the Finance Leader for Nielsen’s Africa and Middle East divisions where he focused on driving profitable growth across 25+ countries in the Middle East and Africa and was responsible for controllership and compliance.

Ashwath started his career in GE’s Finance Leadership Program and held several finance leadership roles in GE Healthcare South Asia and IBM South Asia.

Ashwath is a Chartered Accountant from India.

ginger bushell

Ginger Bushell







graham mckenna

Graham McKenna


SVP マーケティング コミュニケーション

マーケティング コミュニケーション部門SVPとして、ブランドの認知向上と、すべての事業に関わる社内外のコミュニケーション全般を担当します。

ソニー傘下時代の2010年にGracenote入社以来、Tribune MediaによるGracenoteの買収を経て、Gracenoteによる7社買収からスポーツ部門起ち上げに至るまで、これまで一貫してGracenoteブランドの構築に尽力してきました。

前職は、ジョージ・ルーカスが設立したエンターテインメントテクノロジー評価企業のTHX Ltd.でコミュニケーションを担当し、LG、TiVo、Fordなど家電・自動車メーカーとのパートナーマーケティングを推進。Fordチームとの密接な協業で自動車インフォテインメントシステムに大変革をもたらしたFord Syncのローンチに携わりました。


sal karottke

Sal Karottki



Sal is Vice President, Legal responsible for heading up Gracenote’s legal team and providing counsel on a range of matters including intellectual property, privacy and data security, worldwide M&A, commercial transactions and corporate compliance. Sal played an instrumental role in ushering through Nielsen’s 2017 purchase of Gracenote from Tribune Media. Prior to that, he spearheaded legal activities and due diligence around Gracenote’s acquisitions of What’s-ON, Baseline, HWW, Enswers, SportsDirect and Infostrada Sports.

He spent more than a decade at Tribune Media serving as Chief Intellectual Property Counsel. In this role, he oversaw Tribune’s broad IP portfolio and led all corporate acquisition and litigation-related matters. Prior to Tribune Media, Sal was an Associate at the Chicago-based law firm Goldberg Kohn Ltd., which specializes in intellectual property and business litigation. Before that, he was an Associate at Sidley Austin.

Sal earned his JD from the Duke University School of Law. He is also a patent attorney registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.