Fans easily discover and experience music they love.

Gracenote lets people enjoy music through playlists and recommendations.

Gracenote Has Rhythm

At Gracenote, we love music technology and data; it’s the foundation of what we do. But, we also believe there has to be a human component to creating and delivering great music radio experiences – scraping the Web for metadata can’t do it alone. That’s why we have created Gracenote Rhythm™, a new radio and discovery platform that will provide the developer community with the right blend of metadata, algorithms and people-power to create the backbone for the next wave of Internet Radio Apps and services. Learn more.

Smarter Discovery

The typical music collection now features thousands of tracks. Cloud music services reach into the millions. As music collections soar in size, people increasingly find themselves with a common problem. They can’t find the music they want to hear when the moment strikes.

With a music database full of descriptive information, such Genre, Origin, Era, Artist Type, and even Mood and Tempo, Gracenote uncovers relationships and connections between songs to deliver meaningful music recommendations.

Machine + Music Experts

Gracenote descriptive metadata is aided by editorial feedback from music experts — real people with deep knowledge of regional music trends. Gracenote also taps into its Machine Learning technology and thousands of daily CD submissions to collect data. The result? Gracenote combines millions of data points with editorial expertise to create beautifully crafted playlists and music channels that keep fans engaged and help them discover new music.

Featured in iTunes Genius.

Music to Fit Any Mood

Feeling blue? Gracenote MoodGrid™ creates playlists to match any Mood — happy, sad and everything in between. MoodGrid organizes songs by their mood characteristics, mapping them on-screen from “calm” to “energetic” and “dark” to “positive.” With one click, music fans can create a playlist to get pumped up for the gym or set the tone for getting over a painful breakup.

Featured in HABU Music.