Gracenote is the hub for digital music

Through links to music services, Gracenote makes it easy to add songs to playlists and collections.

Link to What’s Been Identified

When someone is using an App featuring Gracenote MusicID to identify a song playing in the café, Gracenote provides the song details, including artist, name, and Cover Art. If the user wants to go a step further and purchase the track or add it to their favorite streaming catalog, Gracenote can provide a link that connects them to that particular song in that service.

Gracenote connects music fans to songs and artists in iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other popular services.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Verified Accounts include some of the biggest names in music and entertainment. Gracenote will incorporate these Twitter Verified Accounts into its database and SDKs, which already includes music metadata and Cover Art for millions of artists and albums, and powers more than a billion devices.

When a music fan is listening to an artist through an online music service on their tablet or Smart TV, Gracenote can deliver the artist’s Verified Twitter feed along with Gracenote music metadata, song recommendations and Cover Art. This allows fans to view and interact with the artist’s Tweets, follow the artist and engage with other fans.