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Music Discovery

Grooving to Gracenote Rhythm™

Gracenote Rhythm is the secret sauce inside many of the world’s hottest streaming music services. Data intelligence and algorithms from Gracenote Rhythm help music fans build the ultimate radio stations and playlists based on their favorite artists, listening preferences and musical tastes.


Gracenote Rhythm’s adaptive radio engine and playlisting products use data and algorithms to serve up Internet radio experiences tuned to a fan’s likes and dislikes.  

Music Curation

Rhythm Curation Web application combines the best of man and machine, giving music editors and musicologists the power to craft radio stations and playlists using algorithms and intelligent search tools. 

Data Exports

Gracenote has descriptive data covering Genre, Origin, Era, Artist Type, as well as Mood and Tempo for millions of tracks. And it’s trusted by the world’s top music services to fuel their algorithms for music search, discovery and Internet radio.  

Discover the Music You Love

Gracenote provides its music customers the perfect blend of data, algorithms and curation tools to stand out from competitors.

Intuitive music discovery and accurate recommendations are notoriously tricky to implement in a music streaming service, which is where Gracenote can help with its new Rhythm API.tnw-logo-bw-140px-top

A New Standard for Music Discovery

Global Reach

The first global platform for Internet Radio and music discovery supporting North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  

Editorial Data

Editorially produced data describing the Genre, Origin, Era, Artist Type, Tempo and Mood of millions of tracks from around the globe.

Machine + Human

A powerful combination of human editors and machine learning technology to create descriptive metadata for the largest catalogs.  

Scalable Platform

A technology platform that scales from hundreds of users to hundreds of millions, supporting the world’s biggest brands.

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