Gracenote powers the world's hottest Music Services and Apps.

Gracenote music recognition helps identify new artists and songs and unlock collections in the Cloud.


Gracenote MusicID® is the industry standard for music recognition. Originally created to identify CDs and deliver artist, album and song information to the desktop, Gracenote MusicID now touches hundreds of millions of music fans everyday through the world’s top music services and automakers. From identifying and unlocking a fan’s collection in the Cloud to making it possible for music Apps to recognize songs by waving a phone in the air, Gracenote MusicID is at the heart of great music experiences.

Featured in Xbox Music and other leading music services.

Scan & Match

Gracenote Scan and Match is an advanced form of music recognition that helps music fans migrate their collections to the Cloud.

With the ability to dive deep into the “audio fingerprint” of a song, Gracenote Scan and Match can discern subtle differences between radio edits and special remixes. This lets people unlock the correct albums and tracks in popular music services and sync their collections across their devices, without requiring time-draining uploads.

Featured in some of the world’s top Cloud music services, including Amazon Cloud Player.

Driving the Music Experience

Gracenote is featured in more than 55 million cars from every major manufacturer and supplier on the planet. Gracenote recognition technology lets drivers identify music on their smart phones, CDs and even broadcast radio stations, delivering metadata, Cover Art and Artist Images, as well as phonetic data for voice commands. All of this information enhances the entertainment experience, making it easier for driver and passengers to navigate collections, launch playlists and interact with their favorite jams – all, while keeping both eyes on the road.

Featured in Ford and Toyota vehicles, and vehicles from all other major automakers.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

In the world of music, Album Covers are familiar, even iconic. They provide music fans quick recall of artist and album names, genres and the era when music was produced. Gracenote partners with every major music label, independents and leading content providers, such as Getty Images, to deliver Cover Art and professional artist photographs - enhancing the listening experience.

Gracenote music recognition delivers Cover Art and Artist Images for Google Play, HD Radio and thousands of other music services.

Gracenote Powered Mobile Apps

Gracenote gives music fans the power to identify songs by simply holding their phone to the music—in a café, on the street or in the background. Some of the world’s most popular music services and Apps now use Gracenote music recognition to create unique music features and experiences.

Gracenote identifies the song by “listening” to a few seconds of the track and matching it to its unique audio fingerprint in the Gracenote database. From there, music fans can view artist and song metadata and Cover Art, and even add tracks to their favorite music service.

Featured in musiXmatch, Soundtracking, WiMP and MTV.