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Big TV Brands Turn to Gracenote as they Expand Globally

Gracenote is the magic behind the on-screen guide – providing TV schedules, synopses, imagery and ratings information for practically every TV program and channel in the universe. A world-class editorial team, combined with close relationships with top broadcasters, ensures Gracenote’s TV listings are consistently accurate, up-to-date and always ready for primetime.


Global Coverage

Gracenote supports more than 85 countries, 35 languages and reaches more than 150 million pay and free TV households. Growth throughout Western Europe and Latin America, combined with the recent acquisitions of What’s-ON India and HWW, extends Gracenote’s position as the world’s leading provider of video data, hands-down.

High Quality Editorial

Gracenote has defined the standard for editorial quality in the TV industry, with hundreds of editorial experts dedicated to carefully creating and curating program TV listings, imagery and synopsis data for millions of TV programs and Movies. These same rigid standards are replicated everywhere Gracenote has a presence around the globe.

Product Benefits

  • Gracenote is the single, trusted source for TV listings on the planet, serving 85 countries and 35 languages.
  • Gracenote’s strict editorial guidelines ensure consistently high quality data across datasets, categories and regions.
  • TV schedules for up to 21 days for North America and 14 days for international, updated throughout the day for all regions.
  • High quality imagery for TV programs, movies and local news and programming, including episodic and season images.
  • TMS IDs map TV episodes with seasons to power DVR recording, season pass functionality and VOD availability.
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable delivery of TV listings for all platforms via Web-based APIs and FTP.

Global Support

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Nordics
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

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