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Powering Amazon Music

Many music fans have spent years building their collections, ripping CDs and buying albums and tracks through online stores. The last thing they want to do is repurchase tracks they already own or even rebuild entire collections when migrating their music to the Cloud. With Gracenote Music Recognition, Amazon customers can now unlock their favorite tunes in the Cloud and enjoy them wherever and whenever the moment strikes.

How it Works

Gracenote Music Recognition uses audio fingerprints to identify music ripped from CDs and music files purchased from online stores, including Amazon, iTunes and others. This nearly eliminates the need for Amazon customers to manually upload songs from their desktop or other devices.

Automatic Linking

Amazon customers are only required to upload songs that are not matched by Gracenote or unavailable from Amazon’s extensive music catalog. In addition, new music purchased from Amazon will show up in the music player automatically, including past purchases.

User Customization

Customers can also tap into the Gracenote database of music metadata to edit and organize song information and fill in any missing album art.

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