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Arabsat Community: Middle East’s First Social TV Guide

Gracenote data and technologies help Arabsat Community users discover new shows to watch, set reminders for shows that interest them, and share what they are watching with friends on social media.

TV Guide and Rich Metadata

Gracenote delivers TV schedules and data for every channel and program in the more than 100 countries that Arabsat serves. Through Arabsat Community’s robust TV Guide, subscribers can browse shows, set reminders for upcoming programs they don’t want to miss and designate favorite channels. A TV Search Index enables advanced search across TV Shows, Movies, Sports Matches, Tournaments, Actors and Channels.

Recommendations & Personalization

At the heart of Arabsat Community is the powerful Gracenote personalization engine that uses sophisticated algorithms to combine user preferences, viewing history and social media activity to deliver targeted recommendations. By intelligently computing the program choices that are likely to be of interest to Arabsat users, Gracenote helps them discover new TV shows and channels to love.

Social Integration & Gamification

Gracenote extends personalization one step further with social integration. Trending content is surfaced by taking activities of users and their friends into consideration on major social platforms. Gracenote also works with Arabsat to gamify the social media experience, encouraging users to engage with TV content. A real-time dashboard computes scores for all users allowing high scorers to earn badges and unlock exclusive trailers or redeem points for gifts.

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