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Gracenote Links Up with Deezer

Gracenote and Deezer want developers to build the next wave of killer music Apps. By adding Deezer song IDs to the Gracenote database, App developers can tap into the Gracenote Rhythm platform and MusicID APIs to build Internet Radio features, and music identification and playlisting Apps that connect with Deezer’s vast catalog of more than 30 million songs.

Deezer Connects with Gracenote

The integration of Deezer IDs with Gracenote enables developers to build a new range of music Apps that easily mix with the Deezer music service. Whether they want to tag a song while standing in line at a café or create playlists based on their mood, Gracenote’s API will enable new experiences for Deezer fans.

Come Hack with Us

Developers have already created a slew of cool Apps using the Gracenote APIs, including Scrobblr and Genius by Rap Genius. Gracenote has shown off Deezer song IDs during several Music Hack Days. To get access to the Deezer IDs, register for the Gracenote Developer Program.

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