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Gracenote Powers Microsoft Groove Music

A big frustration for music fans starting fresh with a new streaming service is recreating collections they’ve spent years building. With a little help from Gracenote, Groove Music fans can now unlock all of their favorite tunes, from the likes of Rush and Pantera to Haim and Vampire Weekend, and enjoy them across compatible devices.

Unlock Your Jams

Microsoft Groove Music is using Gracenote’s extensive database of “audio fingerprints” to identify and match the music people already own, regardless if albums and songs were purchased from Amazon, iTunes, or even ripped from CDs. Get started with your Groove Music Pass today.

Made for Music Fanatics

Since the typical size of a music collection is 5,000 – 7,000 songs, this Gracenote-powered feature eliminates the need for Groove Music fans to spend countless hours searching for and rebuilding albums and songs in their collection. Just match and start grooving. It’s that simple.

Let the Magic Begin

After music is matched, Groove Music fans can easily add more music, discover new artists and create killer playlists. They can also tap into Gracenote’s vast collection of music metadata to edit song and genre information, manage collections and fill-in any missing album Cover Art.

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