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2020 Summer Games

Gold Standard Summer Games Coverage

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will showcase the world’s top athletes and nations on the biggest global stage. Gracenote’s unrivaled Summer Games data-driven solutions empower broadcasters, media publishers, pay TV operators and video services to capitalize on the excitement of the Olympic Games and engage sports fanatics and casual audiences around the world.


Real Time, In Depth Data

Complete schedule, live results and medal winner tables as well as coverage of all Olympic sports and events leading up to the 2020 Summer Games, plus Olympic records and historical data.

Robust Editorial

Compelling editorial support including profiles, biographical details and headshots for all accredited athletes as well as unique, data-driven Facts & Figures insights to fuel commentary and online content.

Easy Delivery & Customization

API data feeds and customizable, responsive widgets that can be integrated into any digital platform, powered by Gracenote’s officially licensed and normalized Olympic Data Feed (ODF).

Expanding the Olympic Broadcast Audience

Official Olympic Games rights holder broadcasters can capitalize on the global buzz around the Summer Games to expand their digital audience and captivate streaming video viewers with breakthrough video features powered by Gracenote.

Virtual Medal Table

Gracenote Sports Virtual Medal Table (VMT) forecasts the most likely Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners by country. Stay tuned for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games Virtual Medal Table and predictions.


  • Bolster your Tokyo Summer Games content with Gracenote’s state-of-the-art data solutions
  • Engage audiences across platforms with the most comprehensive, high quality and up-to-date coverage
  • Rely on fast, dependable delivery of the most accurate Summer Games data, with 24/7 editorial team support
  • Seamlessly integrate data with widgets using CMS plugin tool, and easy-access Summer Games data APIs
  • Equip editorial teams with content featuring facts plus unique insights and commentary
  • Enhance TV program interfaces with live scores, results and links to related programs

Global Support

  • Available globally
  • Support for multiple languages available

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