TMS-Gracenote brand integration

One Team. One Vision

Tribune Media Services will become Gracenote. One team, one brand and a single, unified vision to be the leading provider of music and TV data, everywhere.

The bringing together of Gracenote and TMS makes perfect sense. Each company is a recognized and respected leader in music and video metadata. Together, as one organization, we will do so much more to serve our customers, as well as music, TV and movie fans around the world.

Where We Started

TMS evolved from the newspaper business, syndicating TV listings to daily newspapers and eventually to millions of on-screen cable TV guides. By contrast, Gracenote sprang from the Napster and iTunes generation, providing data and technology that disrupted a stagnant music industry and ushered-in once unimaginable ways to identify, connect with and discover artists and tracks.

While our backgrounds and beginnings are very different, we share a passion for all things music, TV and movies. And we want to help fans all over the world discover and connect with what they love too.

Metadata and Technology for Global Customers

Our plan is a simple one. We are going to build upon our combined data, editorial and engineering expertise to create a single, unified source for entertainment data. We want to provide our customers every bit of information for every TV show, movie and song on the planet. And we are actively expanding our reach to support more regions around the world, adding datasets and IDs for leading music services and VOD providers.

We are also doubling down on technology development and innovation, investing in new products that will forever change the way TV viewers and music fans enjoy digital entertainment.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers

As Gracenote and TMS integrate together, our focus will remain on providing customers with the attention and care that they have grown accustomed to from both brands.

If you are an existing Gracenote or TMS customer, click here for an FAQ to learn more about our integration.