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Data trusted by the biggest names in TV, touching more than 100 million households around the globe.

Gracenote On EntertainmentTM

The TV experience is undergoing a massive transformation and Gracenote On EntertainmentTM is at the forefront of driving this disruption. With On Entertainment, Gracenote customers are able to reimagine how viewers tune-in, discover and enjoy their favorite shows across devices and platforms.

Gracenote On Entertainment features metadata for more than 6 million TV programs and movies, TV listings and schedules in 30+ languages, TV and celebrity images, and direct links to millions of on demand programs. This data is carefully organized and delivered in a Cloud-based API to power next generation guides, second screen Apps and discovery platforms.

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A Trusted Global Leader

Metadata is the backbone for every major connected TV, cable, satellite and on-demand service on the planet. All of these services share a common need for high quality TV data as they expand globally.

Gracenote is a leader in EPG data, supporting more than 50 countries, 30 languages and reaching more than 100 million households. Gracenote already has a strong presence in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America. The recent addition of What’s-ON extends our reach into India, the Middle East and other regions where digital TV and streaming services are poised for massive growth.

Gracenote ResearchTVTM

Big data is transforming every aspect of digital entertainment, helping TV viewers uncover new favorite shows and assisting broadcasters and advertisers in understanding their audience, trends and competitors.

Gracenote ResearchTV is a Web tool that dives deep into TV data, tracking every show airing across each market in the U.S, Canada as well as popular on-demand services. ResearchTV offers valuable insights for studios tracking royalties, broadcasters evaluating programming line-ups and advertisers looking to make quick decisions on media buys.

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Pixel Perfect Images

Gracenote TV imagery helps move traditional on-screen guides beyond static channel listings and grids. TV show, celebrity and movie images from Gracenote help create visually stunning user interfaces and provide TV viewers a fast, easy way to identify programs to watch as they browse their channel line-ups.

Gracenote has millions of TV, movie and celebrity images from thousands of sources. And they are delivered using Gracenote’s exclusive Image Standard, a process that supports common aspect ratios and sizes, and is flexible enough for a wide range of on-screen guides and second-screen App designs.