Gracenote moves Smart TVs beyond static channel listings.

Gracenote smart recommendations, high quality imagery and listings data is changing TV as we know it.

Gracenote eyeQ™

Gracenote eyeQ™ is an Interactive Program Guide (IPG) featuring local, national and international TV listings, as well as rich program-related photos and imagery. With up to 21 days of programming data for 30+ countries, Gracenote eyeQ arms TV manufacturers and cable-operators with a means to break free from old fashioned TV grids to produce dynamic interfaces.

Featured in Sony BRAVIA TVs and Philips TVs.

IPG on the Second Screen

Gracenote eyeQ can also power IPG or remote control applications on the second screen, creating a more personal connection to the TV experience. The result? Viewers can browse TV listings and schedules, and pick programs to watch or record without disrupting the main screen.

Featured in Watch Now and Loewe Media Assist Apps.

Smart Recommendations

Don’t know what to watch tonight? Gracenote eyeQ offers smart program recommendations to help audiences discover more of what they love. These recommendations are based on Gracenote’s advanced descriptor system, which uses video metadata to organize and create connections between movie and TV program genres, cast and crew, content descriptions and other relational data.

Featured in Philips Smart TVs and Sony BRAVIA TVs.