Gracenote recognition technology is transforming the TV experience.

A once-passive TV experience enters a whole new world of discovery.

Gracenote Entourage™

Gracenote Entourage™ is an Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform that unlocks second screen experiences for TV viewers. At its core, Gracenote Entourage uses advanced audio fingerprinting technology to let smart phones and tablets identify movies and TV programs by simply “listening” to a few seconds of the program dialogue and soundtrack.

Featured in Syfy Sync for iPad.

Second Screen Sync

Identifying a TV show or movie is just the beginning of the second screen experience. Gracenote Entourage can sync tablets and smart phones with the TV programming on the main screen, allowing viewers to unlock bonus content, interact with live polls and act upon advertising promotions—in real time.

Unique to Gracenote Entourage is its ability to “always listen” and identify what’s playing for several hours at a time. This lets viewers actively identify TV content and advertising without requiring them to constantly push a button on their device.

Featured in Syfy Sync for the hit shows Haven and Faceoff.

Making Smart TV Smarter

Historically, the TV set could never recognize what type of programming was being displayed to viewers. It was a display device only. Gracenote is radically changing this paradigm, helping TV makers put the Smart in Smart TVs.

Gracenote Entourage can be integrated directly into Smart TVs, allowing the TV to identify content from any source playing on-screen. This creates opportunities for TV manufacturers and advertisers to identify on-screen programming and connect viewers to related shows on VOD and targeted advertising.

Name that Tune

When TV a viewer hears a song they love, but can’t place the name of the artist or band, they no longer have to reach for their smart phone or laptop to search for the name. Instead, Gracenote MusicID identifies the track with the simple push of a button on the remote. In fact, Gracenote MusicID can name most any tune playing in TV programs, commercials, streaming content and Blu-ray discs.

Featured in Sony BRAVIA TVs and Toshiba Smart TVs.