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Gracenote and YG PLUS to make all K-POP music more searchable and discoverable on global and regional streaming music platforms and services

EMERYVILLE, Calif., January 23, 2018 – Gracenote®, a Nielsen company (NYSE: NLSN), and YG PLUS, Korea’s leading music business company, have joined forces to make Korean Pop Music (K-POP) more accessible on streaming music services for fans around the world. With the launch of Gracenote Global Music Data in Korea, regional streaming music services, including YG PLUS’ partner ‘NAVER music’ will now have the ability to deliver next-generation digital music experiences focused on advanced search, discovery and personalization.

As K-POP continues to gain popularity internationally, YG PLUS will work with Gracenote to standardize all Korean Pop Music with the critical descriptive information required to support today’s playlist-based business models. In addition, YG PLUS will apply Gracenote’s best-in-class machine learning algorithms to extract key musical attributes, such as mood and tempo, from the entire K-POP catalog to help broaden the genre’s reach and appeal in international music markets.

“As a genre, K-POP has transcended Korea and hit the mainstream,” said Dong Hun Lee, Director of YG PLUS. “In order to capitalize on its global popularity, it is critical that we leverage rich descriptive data about the music to help surface K-POP songs in playlists globally. By working with Gracenote we will be able to help drive discovery of K-POP to millions of existing fans and cultivate millions more around the world.”

Gracenote Global Music Data is the world’s most comprehensive music database spanning international music genres. It provides music streaming services a foundation to better organize and display music catalogs and improve search and discovery of songs across platforms and devices, including next generation voice systems. Gracenote’s deep descriptive metadata combined with custom artist and album imagery power cutting edge visual user interfaces across mobile, TV, radio, PC and automotive.

YG PLUS will apply Gracenote music descriptors such as genre, mood, era, origin, tempo and artist language to all of the country’s popular music to deliver deeper music intelligence to international streaming services. Additionally, Gracenote will help draw associations among K-POP artists by connecting to artist collaborations and name variants, enabling better search across a sea of artist releases, collaborations, remixes and live recordings.

“As the leading distributor of K-POP, YG PLUS will help Gracenote strengthen our Korean data coverage which, in turn enables us to deliver the most comprehensive K-POP solution to streaming music customers across the globe,” said Brian Hamilton, General Manager of Music for Gracenote. “As the database of record for the music industry, Gracenote Global Music Data will also help regional Korean streaming music providers prepare for broader digital music adoption and deliver improved listener experiences centered on smart playlisting and personalized recommendations.”

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