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Advanced Audio

Every Song, Tuned to Sound Amazing

Gracenote Dynamic EQ is like having your own personal audiophile tweaking your sound system for every song you play. It combines both Gracenote’s industry standard music recognition technology and rich music data to automatically adjust your EQ settings.

EQ Profiles

Delivers unique EQ Profiles for individual tracks based on Reference EQ Curves for landmark recordings across genres and eras.

Track Equalization

Identifies music playing from any source and automatically applies 5 band parametric EQ settings for individual tracks.

User Controls

Enables users to dial up or down the track EQ settings, providing a level of control to music fans to fine tune to personal preferences.

Dynamic EQ does the tweaking so you don’t have to.

Magically Tuned for You

Tuning an EQ is incredibly complicated for the average music fan. To avoid confusion, most fans play all of their favorite jams using the same settings, which results in a suboptimal sonic experience. Dynamic EQ takes the guesswork out of tweaking your home and car audio systems. There are no buttons to push or settings to adjust. It just works.

Dynamic EQ automatically adjusts bass and treble for optimal audio.

How It Works

Audio Analysis

Gracenote machine learning technology and expert editorial teams derive unique EQ curves for millions of songs.

Music Recognition

Gracenote music recognition technology identifies the song playing from the radio, streaming service and other media sources.

Apply EQ

Gracenote then applies the unique EQ profile to the identified song and the audio device  automatically tunes the treble, bass and other EQ settings. 

Amazing Sound

Gracenote Dynamic EQ delivers an incredible music experience. Bass notes thump, guitar riffs groove and vocals move you like never before.


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