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Enhanced Audio

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Consistency in Audio Quality

With Gracenote Enhanced Audio Suite embedded audio enhancing technologies, enable listeners to experience optimal playback – without the need for manual adjustments or connectivity.

Gracenote Volume

Gracenote Volume is a unique, self-adjusting audio analysis technology that automatically delivers consistent audio level normalization for any audio type, genre, era and source.

Gracenote EQ

Gracenote EQ is a cutting-edge technology that automatically adjusts audio outputs, providing the optimum equalization profile in real time to enable the best audio playback experience across music, video and speech.

Deep Rooted Expertise

With years of experience analyzing audio with machine learning across music mood and style classifiers, Gracenote is well suited for advancing enhanced audio technology.

Enhanced & Standardized Audio

Gracenote creates consistency in audio playback quality and experience, eliminating the need for consumers to manually adjust volume levels or factory audio presets.

Self-Adjusting Technologies

Spectral analysis and AI leverage an intelligent neural network, trained by professional recording engineers, to measure the dynamic range of content and then automatically adjust audio.

Rich & Consistent Sound

Once audio is equalized and optimized, it is locked to an ideal fixed level across content sources and devices at home, providing a rich, resonant listening experience in the car and on the go.

Enhanced Sound Made Easy for Drivers

Give drivers the ultimate sound experience while freeing them from the distraction of constantly adjusting volume and sound quality.

TV Listings & Data

Seamless Listening Experiences

Create a smooth audio experience on entertainment devices – from smart TVs to speakers – that play content from a growing amount of streaming sources.

TV Listings & Data


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