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Radio Discovery

A Smarter Way to Radio

Gracenote is transforming the radio experience in the car, making it smarter and more personalized for drivers and passengers.

Gracenote Radio Discovery

Gracenote analyzes a driver’s musical taste and listening habits and matches them to local terrestrial and satellite radio choices. As drivers move between cities and regions, Gracenote automatically selects radio station presets.

Music Taste Profiles

Gracenote identifies music in the driver’s personal collection and maps it to descriptions of local FM, satellite and digital radio stations.


Radio Station Profiles

Gracenote analyzes top terrestrial and digital radio stations and assigns the correct station formats, such as Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and Pop.


Automatic Presets

Radio station formats are then automatically matched to the unique tastes and musical styles of drivers based on the driver’s geo-location.



More than 80 percent of drivers listen to terrestrial radio in the car, more than any other music source.

Stop Searching the Dial

Gracenote is turbo charging the radio experience with technology found in today’s hottest streaming music services to help drivers discover more radio programs they love.


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