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Smart Radio Solutions

Transforming the Radio Experience

Traditional radio remains the most listened to audio format in the car today. Yet, despite its continued popularity, the driver experience for discovering radio programming has not seen significant changes in decades. Now, with Gracenote Smart Radio Solutions, automakers are able to reimagine the radio experience.

Radio Station ID

Gracenote Radio Station ID eliminates the need for “scanning the dial.” Instead, drivers and passengers can discover their favorite music, news and talk programming through smart guides featuring normalized radio categories as well as station names and logos.  

MusicID Radio

Using audio fingerprinting technology built into the car’s audio system, Gracenote MusicID Radio identifies music playing from terrestrial and digital radio to display artist, album, Album Cover Art, and track name on the dashboard.  

Sports Data

Gracenote is bringing live sports data to the car, letting drivers track their favorite players, teams and leagues, while also delivering live scores, stats and links to broadcasts so fans never miss a minute of the action.  

Gracenote is ready to bring its “infotainment” services to life, working with all of the nation’s automakers in ensuring that radio doesn’t lose its front-and-center place in the connected car.​

Introducing Radio Station ID

Enabling a Consistent Interface for Every Musical Source

Rich, Consistent Interface

Identifies and delivers correct artist, Album Cover Art and track data for all music sources, in addition to featuring station logos, names and categories to deliver a consistent user experience.

Hybrid Radio Solution

Delivers radio station IP URLs to enable the ability to switch from terrestrial to streaming radio broadcasts when drivers move beyond range.

Location-Based Delivery

Location-based radio identification enables the ability to display stations and categories to drivers moving between geographic regions.

Radio Now Playing Guide

Radio Now Playing Guide lets drivers visually browse what’s playing across multiple stations, including the song/artist, station category, name, logo and frequency, to simplify radio station search and discovery.

Want radio with Apple CarPlay? Gracenote has an app for that.


CarPlay Meets Radio

Gracenote Smart Radio Solutions are bringing terrestrial radio to Apple CarPlay for the first time. Listeners will no longer have to disconnect the CarPlay application to navigate radio on the open road.

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