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Music Recognition for Radio in the Car

Drivers have a dizzying array of music options to choose from. Gracenote MusicID Radio brings order to the chaos by identifying music playing from every possible radio source and delivering consistent metadata, Album Cover Art and relational links to the driver’s dashboard.

Music Recognition

Leverages and builds upon Gracenote’s core, industry standard music audio fingerprinting technology to identify music from from terrestrial analog and digital radio sources (AM/FM/HD/DAB) and delivers consistent track data and Album Cover Art to improve radio station browsing and search.

Radio Station "Now Playing" Guide

Creates a station preview that lets drivers see what’s playing across multiple stations – allowing them to choose stations by song and artist currently playing, as well as station category, name, logos and frequency.

Bridges Radio & Streaming

MusicID Radio connects traditional radio with streaming services. Once a song is identified, drivers can launch similar music playlists across streaming services – bridging the most listened to source in the car today with popular Cloud services.

Smart Logic

MusicID Radio leverages smart logic to pinpoint the most efficient place to make a query during radio programming. The technology analyzes the live radio broadcast to pinpoint speech, such DJ talk and news, advertising and an actual song playing.

Consistent metadata enables automakers to create a unified interface for all music sources – from Radio and Streaming Services to CDs and Local Collections.


  • Provides automakers the ability to create a common interface to unify all music sources in the car – CDs, AM/FM/HD/DAB, music stored on mobile phones and streaming.
  • Presents album, artist and track metadata across all radio formats and genres.
  • Gracenote data and iconic music imagery makes it safer and easier for drivers to visually identify music, news and talk radio content they love.
  • Links to relational artists and tracks on streaming services bridge the most listened to format in the car today with popular Cloud-based services.
  • Optimizes data costs by intelligently determining when to identify audio.

Flexible & Interoperable

  • Works across all digital and analog broadcast types – AM/FM/DAB/HD – in all regions of the world.
  • Automatic or on-demand recognition provides flexible and cost effective options for all vehicle types.

World Class Technology

  • Leverages and builds upon Gracenote’s core, industry standard music recognition technology.
  • Supported by a global data delivery platform that scales to billions of queries daily and is trusted by the world’s leading entertainment brands.


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