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Gracenote Sports Keeps Listeners in the Game

Gracenote is bringing live sports data to the car, letting drivers track their favorite players, teams and leagues. By delivering live scores, stats and links to broadcasts, Gracenote Sports ensures fans never miss a beat.

Live Scores and Stats

Covering North American Leagues, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA and NHL, Gracenote delivers live sports scores and stats directly to the auto infotainment system, enabling “sports alerts” via the driver display or the text-to-voice engine.

Top Sporting Events

Gracenote is the premier provider of Summer and Winter Games and FIFA World Cup data. Datasets include live Olympic medal tables and results, as well as coverage for all major FIFA leagues and tournaments.

Link to Broadcasts

Enables automakers to link to current and upcoming broadcasts associated with the drivers “favorite” teams and leagues – linking to AM/FM broadcasts of sporting events.

Sports Integration

The Gracenote Sports automotive data solution is developed specifically for the connected car. With a single API, the data is filtered to minimize bandwidth and provide a straight forward integration.


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