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Welcome to the Gracenote Lounge

Please join us at our private, invitation-only Gracenote Lounge during CES 2018 and experience an exclusive preview of our new data products and services and understand how Gracenote is driving tune-in, discovery and engagement of all media across devices and platforms, from Pay-TV and Streaming Services to Smart Speakers and the Connected Car.

Gracenote Lounge Highlights

Data-Driven Voice Search

The secret ingredient behind tomorrow’s killer voice and search applications is deep descriptive data from Gracenote.

Smart Radio

New broadcast radio features and capabilities, including an Apple CarPlay concept, that will make radio programming more discoverable and engaging.

Connected Insights

Real-time Smart TV data integrated with the Nielsen Marketing Cloud lets advertisers better target their audiences across every form of media.

Winter Games & World Cup

World class sports data connected to live event airings drive tune-in and engagement for top sporting events, from the NFL and NBA to next month’s Winter Games and the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

Music Data

The latest evolution of Gracenote Global Music Data, including a preview of new AI-derived descriptive data that will redefine the modern music playlist.

Where to Find Us

The Gracenote Lounge
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3rd Floor, Castellana 2


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