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Gracenote Connectivity

Gracenote Connectivity provides a complete view of how mobile and connected device users engage with and experience video, audio and in home services by benchmarking service quality, content performance, user behavior, attitudes and spend.

Connected Network Evolution

Benchmark Wifi, 5G and 4G networks by evaluating network coverage, reliability, speed and latency to optimize fixed and wireless connectivity assets and improve the consumer experience

Connected Media Performance

Gain a 360 degree view of the consumer, understanding who and where they are, as well as their product and content demands to increase subscription rates and drive growth

Connected Consumer Research

Understand the effectiveness of ad and sponsorship investments through advanced targeting, diving deep into consumer segmentation by behavior, geolocation and event attendance

A Complete View into the Entire Customer Experience

As the performance measurement solution, Nielsen Gracenote provides clients a means to better understand a mobile video subscriber’s overall engagement – measuring marketing effectiveness, tracking competitors and ultimately, helping to make smarter business decisions.

Gracenote Connectivity Ecosystem

Gracenote Connectivity is a combination of proprietary video quality and performance testing with real-time usage data.

National Markets

Mobile Panelists Per Month

Unique Wi-Fi Networks

Gracenote Connectivity Key Benefits

Comprehensive Solution

A one-stop source for all of your analytics needs – gaining deep insights into the quality of the Wifi delivery experience.

Proprietary Data

Research and analytics powered by 100k+ Nielsen Gracenote mobile tests – not dependent on third party data sources.

Competitive Edge

Provides a clear picture of your mobile Wifi video and speed performance strengths and weaknesses versus competitors.

Trusted Resource

Independent 3rd party syndicated data requiring no SDK integration with a company’s app.


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