Pay TV operators, OTT services, smart device manufacturers and other providers rely on TV schedules plus descriptive video data and imagery to power on-screen guides and discovery. To ensure that audiences can always find and enjoy their favorite TV shows, movies and sports programs, providers require accurate, up-to-the-minute video data that they can quickly and easily integrate into their systems and products.

With On API, you have robust and streamlined access to the entertainment industry’s most comprehensive, highest quality, and freshest data via simplified data streams and delta updates. Accelerated data updates are available in near real time, capturing time-critical program updates and schedule changes.

On API includes a powerful set of data delivery APIs designed to ingest large amounts of metadata into your Content Delivery Network. Using these APIs, you can build a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to deliver current and relevant data to end-user devices. This section describes how to get seed data and updates, and how to implement On API applications.