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Gracenote IDs

Gracenote IDs (TMS) are unique identifiers for content which are broadly deployed throughout the global entertainment ecosystem and act like Universal Product Codes for content.

Gracenote IDs and data fuel today’s complex and expanding global content ecosystem, empowering content creators, programmers, marketers and distributors to drive more value from content across the lifecycle.


Embedded across Gracenote data sets, the IDs are the backbone to powering guide, search and discovery across streaming services, connected TVs and MVPDs used by audiences around the globe. Foundational for catalog organization and connecting related programs, IDs enable connecting content available within and across different streaming, on-demand and linear services, enabling entertainment providers to provide universal search and discovery experiences.


Gracenote IDs across data sets help entertainment providers across the ecosystem derive maximum value from content.

Content Development

Content Development

Rich Gracenote data and unique IDs across content plus in-depth industry data lets entertainment providers understand, manage and analyze content catalogs and inform decision-making to develop successful programming.

Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Gracenote data, analytics and IDs inform and enable content licensing and streamlined distribution to video viewing and discovery services globally. Gracenote IDs serve as content barcodes, enabling efficiencies and seamless integrations.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Gracenote data and IDs fuel rich, compelling guide, search and discovery and recommendation experiences for audiences, letting audiences easily find and engage with programming across streaming, on-demand and linear TV.

Gracenote ID Distribution System

Manage and Optimize Content Distribution

Content sources can use Gracenote ID Distribution System to register content in Gracenote’s video database and receive IDs, streamlining distribution across TV and video services in order to enhance discoverability with audiences.

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