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Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics

Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics is the one-stop source for independent, highly-detailed data about how mobile device users engage with and experience streaming video platforms and services.


Drills into the performance quality of mobile video services, such as video resolution, start-up times and buffering, that have the biggest effect on a subscriber’s experience and satisfaction.


Powerful metrics to understand how, when and where viewers tune-in, as well as average viewing times, payload, stickiness, and network access and speed.


Understand why mobile users choose to subscribe to specific streaming services, reasons for disengaging or churn, intention to switch and feedback on pricing.

Competitive Benchmarking

Armed with solid data, Gracenote Mobile Video analytics provides mobile operators, MVPDs, video streaming services and hardware manufacturers a deeper understanding into how consumers are interacting with their platforms – as well as those of their competitors.

Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics Ecosystem

Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics is a combination of proprietary video quality and performance testing with real-time usage data.

National Markets

Mobile Panelists Per Month

Unique Wi-Fi Networks

Holistic View of the Customer Experience

As the performance measurement solution, Nielsen Gracenote provides clients a means to better understand a mobile video subscriber’s overall engagement – measuring marketing effectiveness, tracking competitors and ultimately, helping to make smarter business decisions.

Gracenote Mobile Video Analytics Key Benefits

Comprehensive Solution

Gain deep insights into everything from the viewing satisfaction of content to the actual quality of the streaming experience.

Real-Time Data

Daily real-time reporting as opposed to weeks or possibly months of lag time.

Competitive Edge

Get a clear picture of your company’s strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors.

Trusted Resource

Independent 3rd party syndicated data requiring no SDK integration with a company’s app.


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