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The Ultimate Tool for Music Curation

Gracenote Rhythm Curation is a Web-based application that puts the power of curation in the hands of music editorial teams, allowing them to craft unique playlists across genres, eras, moods and tempos. It blends the best of technology and data with the passion and creativity of music industry professionals.

Playlist Creation

Get down with “Gritty Boogie Rock from the 70s” or “Energizing House from Asia.” The Rhythm Curation tool will spark the imagination of music editors, letting them dream up playlists that go beyond the ordinary, standout from the competition and engage music fans.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface makes playlist creation and publishing as simple as a few clicks. Rhythm Curation lets music editors dive into musical genres and other classifications to understand how artists and tracks relate to one another. From there, they can build, publish and come back and edit. It’s that simple.

Catalog Integration

Gracenote Rhythm Curation integrates with the customer’s music catalog and unique IDs to ensure playlists are published with available and licensed albums and tracks only. Rhythm Curation can also identify possible holes in your catalog for your licensing teams to secure.

Product Benefits

    • Create custom playlists using Gracenote’s music descriptor system, including Genre, Era, Origin, Language Artist Type, Mood, Tempo and Style.
    • Dive into hundreds of thousands of artist profiles to inspire new stations and playlists.
    • Fine tune and iterate results in real time, instead of manually searching and selecting.
    • Immediately preview results using a built-in music player.
    • Analyze station and playlist results with dynamically created infographics.
    • Save and publish stations and playlists to the Gracenote Rhythm Web Service or export to text files with catalog IDs.
    • Rhythm Curation can be used with or without a customer music catalog.
    • Customers with a catalog can integrate their unique IDs and filter results specifically to the available music.

Geographic Support

North America: United States, Canada and Mexico

Europe: UK, France, Germany and Nordics

Latin America: Spanish Latin America, Brazil

Asia: Japan and Korea

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