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Audio On Demand

Global Podcast Data

Gracenote Audio On Demand delivers a standardized and enriched descriptive dataset, unlocking the ability for podcast and talk radio fans to discover a broader range of personalities and topics than ever before.

Global Podcast Dataset

Delivers a comprehensive, global dataset driving powerful navigation experiences on any platform – eliminating internal resource strains when clients attempt to build in-house

Enriched Metadata

Fuels discovery & meaningful recommendations with Gracenote’s leading metadata standards and enriched descriptors, including in-depth Category Hierarchy, Celebrity Links & Popularity Score

Cross-Media Linking

Powers engaging cross-media linking opportunities by leveraging Gracenote’s Standard IDs and rich entertainment data including TV programs, videos, sports, movies and music

Gracenote Audio On Demand is continuously updated to ensure newly released episodes and series are always available.

Million Series

Million Episodes

Gracenote Audio On Demand Propels Podcast Search and Discovery

Create Meaningful Search & Discovery Experiences

Descriptive metadata and enhanced keywords power meaningful search & discovery experiences – connecting listeners to more content they love while increasing listenership & engagement.

Leverage In-depth Categorization

Standardized classifiers for series and episodes help surface more relevant content, enabling more engaging and unique discovery experiences.

Tap into the Exclusive Popularity Score Measure

Improves search and discovery capabilities by identifying and surfacing the most popular podcasts in a catalog.

Surface Similar Content to Power Recommendations

Recommendations are available for the top 10K global podcasts, providing three similar podcasts for each series.

Drive Relevant Voice Search Capabilities

Gracenote enables more accurate and relevant voice responses with a rich descriptor & categorization system combined with Celebrity Tagging & Popularity Score data.

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