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Global Music Data

Building Blocks Driving Great Music Experiences

Gracenote Global Music Data is the most comprehensive collection of worldwide music data available today. With deep, clean data and standardized artist and recording IDs, Gracenote enables entertainment services to simplify how fans find, discover and connect with more of the music they love.

Catalog of Reference

A normalized dataset of Artists, Albums and Recordings enables entertainment services to enhance music search and navigation across a sea of original releases, collaborations, remixes and live recordings.

Powering Advanced Discovery

Key editorial data and sonic descriptors like Genre, Mood, Era, Origin, Tempo, Style and Artist Language enable music services to create finely tuned playlists to match the taste and vibe of fans.

Cross-Media Linking

Gracenote unique IDs connect Artists, Albums and Recordings across digital media, letting fans discover more of the music they love by linking them to artist appearances on late night TV, roles in movies and music videos.

Descriptive Metadata

Gracenote Global Music Data features deep descriptors for practically every song ever recorded. Leveraging Gracenote’s advanced machine learning technology combined with the industry’s finest editorial team, Gracenote descriptor data for Genre, Origin, Era, Artist Type, as well as Sonic Mood, Tempo and now Style is the secret sauce behind the hottest playlists.

Gracenote has become one of the best examples for the music industry’s increasing reliance on artificial intelligence.


Introducing Gracenote Sonic Style

Gracenote is revolutionizing how the world’s music is organized and discovered. Gracenote Sonic Style is a breakthrough new music descriptor system that uses machine learning to classify the “Style” of music at track-level across massive catalogs – for the first time ever.

Powering Voice and Text Search

In this era of connected IoT devices, finding your favorite jams no longer requires typing an artist name into a search bar. Gracenote Global Music Data provides structure, in the form of IDs and normalized data, to support the most innovative music search and discovery interfaces, from voice and gesture to virtual reality and beyond.

The Database of Record for Today’s Music Business

Normalized Recordings & Song Groups

Reduces track duplication by having a single representation for a unique recording and provides links between primary artists and their collaborations. 

Artist Normalization

Recognizes artists with similar names and ensures the right recordings are associated with the right act. 

Album Masters & Editions

Offers a clear representation of artist discographies through album masters and editions – optimized for digital services, as opposed to retail album sales.

Global Reach

Music data is normalized and organized for specific geographies and regions and features advanced descriptors localized in the Artist languages.


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