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Gracenote Nabs Two Best of Show Awards at NAB 2018

At this year’s NAB 2018 show, Gracenote was awarded “Best of Show” in two product categories by NAB’s official publications. Gracenote Radio Station ID was awarded the NewBay Best of Show Award from Radio World and Gracenote’s Video ACR tech, which powers Nielsen Grabix, nabbed the TV Technology award.

Simply the best. Both of these award-winning products leverage Gracenote’s core media recognition technology and entertainment database to transform key areas of the broadcast business.

Gracenote Smart Radio

Gracenote Smart Radio Solutions, which include Radio Station ID and MusicID Radio, make it easier for drivers and passengers in connected cars to find the music, news and talk stations they love through data-driven guides, imagery and geo-location.


Product Benefits:

  • Provides reliable and consistent metadata across all audio sources in the car.
  • Supports all radio bands and platforms worldwide.
  • Integrates traditional radio with Apple CarPlay for the first time.
  • Enables previews of all radio programming across the dial to improve radio discovery and reduce distraction.

Nielsen Grabix + Gracenote ACR

Nielsen Grabix is a next generation analytics platform that integrates Gracenote Video ACR technology to help local news teams, advertisers and programmers understand real-time tune-in and tune-out of programming across millions of Smart TVs.

Product Benefits:

  • Access real-time audience behavior and trending topics.
  • Understand tune-in and tune-out of programming, including breaking news content.
  • Compare gains and losses versus broadcast competitors.
  • Advanced search of specific news stories, events, celebrities and politicians.

Introducing Radio Station ID