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Gracenote Rhythm is Driving Music Discovery

Gracenote Rhythm is a discovery platform that provides algorithms and data to form the backbone of the next wave of great music services. When plugged into a music catalog, Gracenote Rhythm crafts beautiful music stations and playlists personalized to the likes and tastes of music fans.

Adaptive Radio

Gracenote Rhythm’s adaptive radio engine uses data and algorithms to serve up Internet radio experiences tuned to a fan’s likes and dislikes. The more listeners interact with the Rhythm engine, the smarter and more personalized it becomes.

Music Picks

Gracenote Rhythm helps music fans discover new artists and rediscover old favorites based on listening history. For example, R.E.M. fanatics can discover similar artists from R.E.M.’s Genre and Era, such as the Pixies or The Smiths.


The Gracenote Rhythm engine can deliver discovery features to local music collections as well, turning the music people have spent years buying and collecting into musical playlists organized by descriptors, such as Genre, Mood and Style.

Product Benefits

  • Creates personalized adaptive radio experiences and music playlists.
  • Delivers radio stations and playlists from up to 5 seeds. A seed can be an artist or track.
  • Tuning features enable stations to be fine-tuned by popularity, similarity, or mood.
  • Supports the retrieval of Cover Art and 3rd-party links to top music services, including iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.
  • Enables developers to create services that meet the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) guidelines.
  • Supports REST and XML queries, and XML and JSON responses.

Target Customers

Developers creating subscription music services, Internet Radio and discovery Apps.

Major lifestyle brands interested in launching streaming services.

Hackathon participants and non-commercial developers experimenting with music APIs.


Geographic Support

North America: United States, Canada and Mexico

Europe: UK, France, Germany and Nordics

Latin America

Asia: Japan and Korea



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