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Powering the Apple Music Experience

When music fans rip their favorite CDs to iTunes, unlock their personal music collections, and enjoy playlists from Apple Radio and Genius – Gracenote helps power the experience.

CD Ripping

With Gracenote music recognition technology, Apple Music and iTunes users can rip CDs into their library without having to type in all of the track names, or artist and album information. Gracenote automatically does this for them, instantly recognizing the CD and delivering the correct music metadata and Album Cover Art from the Gracenote Database.

Your Music Library

When Apple Music users want to migrate their personal collections to Apple Music, Gracenote music recognition helps identify and unlock the albums and tracks. With the ability to dive deep into the “audio fingerprint” of a song, Gracenote can detect the differences between radio edits and special remixes. The result: music recognition that just works, and lets users enjoy their songs across iOS devices.

Data Drives Discovery

Gracenote Global Music Data provides deep descriptive metadata to help Apple create killer music playlists for millions of fans. Gracenote data defines the detailed musical characteristics of songs and artists including Genres, Mood, Era, Origin, Tempo and Artist Type. This enables Apple’s musical algorithms and curators to create highly personalized playlists and stations giving fans more of the music they love and helping them discover new favorites.

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